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Modern Desert Scapestexas_native_plants_best_landscapers_in_austin

Our Modern Desert designs continue to utilize Xeriscape techniques and principles with a focus on cleaner, often geometrical lines, sparse planting, rocky hardscapes with boulders, and a heavier use of cacti, yuccas, and agaves. These upscale designs reflect the solitude gained from being in open spaces. Think Marfa, Texas – Big Bend National Park, cold beer, and clear water. Explore.

Texas Hill Country Wildscapes

The Texas Hill Country embodies the paradox of soft lines within a rugged terrain. Our Texas Hill County Wildscapes further promote our xeriscape principles by utilizing Texas Natives and Adapted plants that have earned their drought-tolerant, watershed friendly, and hardy identity. We design with softer organic lines with all season colorful bursts. Often denser foliage, this design lends itself to butterfly habitats, banjo pickin’, and barbecuing. Think Wimberley, Texas or the Barton Springs Greenbelt – transcendent live oaks, a lush and sustainable underbrush, and swimming. Take a peek.

Austin Native Landscaping Custom Designs

Our custom and thorough designs are input and created after our initial meeting with a client. We utilize a wonderful program to bring you a beautiful design in an attractive format that is easy to understand as well as intuitive. Please visit our Design Portfolio to get an idea of the quality of work that we put in even before the install. If you would like to set up an appointment, please contact us to schedule.


We are completely in love with our yard. It is beautiful and we love the low maintenance it takes for upkeep! We have received many, many, many compliments on it.

After Central Texas experienced the worst drought in recorded history in 2011, I felt the need to do something different with my yard. I did not want to waste water trying to make my lawn grow in a climate that was not well suited for it. Texas Native plants were the logical solution and I started investigating landscapers who could help me design a more natural environment.
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Austin Native Landscaping really helped us to achieve the ideal xeriscape for our front yard – it met our needs in terms of drought resistant and deer resistant plants, overall design and aesthetic. Following our free estimate, Reed drew up a design plan for us and he worked with us to modify it three times so we could have exactly what we wanted. Once they started working, they worked for four solid days (even in the rain) and left us with a wonderful end result.

Thanks so much Reed and team! We can’t wait to watch our plants grow and blossom!

I recently build a new home, and when the house was complete I had no landscaping whatsoever – just had a big mess! I hired the guys at Austin Native Landscaping to first do some brush clearing. They showed up on time, were very polite and professional, and did an excellent job. I later used them to install landscape edging, a crushed granite driveway, and lay sod. They did all these tasks wonderfully and professionally with little guidance.
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Austin Native Landscaping have spent a great deal of time patiently consulting with me in order to bring to life the exact vision that I have for my yard- respecting my opinions and working with me step-by-step on the development of the landscape design. I have been provided with excellent advice and have been given suggestions that I would not have come up with on my own.
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The peace of mind I get in the garden is so dear to me. Sometimes, my dream gardens become unmanageable and I need an assist in taming the growth and creating a more realistic space for the Austin climate. Calling in pros wasn’t something I looked forward to. I’ve had a few bad experiences –I’m not interested in a generic look. I admit I’m picky and I don’t care! I found Austin Native Landscaping by chance and I couldn’t be more pleased:
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Reed and his team at Austin Native Landscaping put together a beautiful plan that took into consideration all of my criteria – drought tolerant, native, deer resistant, and low maintenance, AND then they applied their own knowledge of plants, color, depth, shape, and design! I was thrilled!!
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I couldn’t have asked for a better landscaper. I have had many. No one has worked faster nor have they had a better vision. They were easy to work with and amazing problem solvers. I expect my garden will be on a garden tour in the near future. They gave me exactly what I wanted and completed it on time. You can not make a mistake if you decide to hire Austin Native Landscaping. You will be so glad you did.

The cost was extremely reasonable. The outcome was spectacular.

I own an investment property in Austin that is heavily landscaped. I had a hard time finding someone reliable and honest to complete the necessary bi-annual maintenance on the yard, until I found Reed. Reed has done a wonderful job on the yard, keeping it beautiful and healthy. He is reasonably priced and always upfront about what the costs are, and what I get for the price.

I would recommend Reed to anybody I know who needs landscape work in the Austin area.

Our law firm was in desperate need of a clean and professional landscaping design that incorporated local, drought-resistant plants with color and diversity. Although we contacted Reed and his team at Austin Native Landscaping during the height of the landscaping season, they promptly returned our correspondence, visited our property to evaluate our needs, and drafted separate designs of varying complexity based on our preferences for us to choose from. Read full testimonial…

We called Austin Native Landscaping after a horrible drought and I did not want our yard to turn brown and depressing for another hot summer. Reed returned my email immediately and came over for an estimate at my earliest convenience. They did such a beautiful job. I highly recommend their expertise to anyone looking to spruce up their yard.

They are extremely knowledgeable and their bids were both beautiful. They are also very reasonably priced. Thanks again!

I am getting ready to put my house on the market and needed to do some landscaping work. I didn’t have a big budget and didn’t have a sprinkler system. It made sense to do Xeriscaping and I contacted Reed & the guys at Austin Native Landscaping. Reed put together a plan that fit into the budget and he installed many native grasses, plants, stones, crushed granite & mulch. The transformation has been incredible and all of my neighbors have complimented the work.
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Just wanted to express my thanks to you for your very prompt and professional service. The yard looks great! What really impressed me is how quickly you got it all done.

You fellas work dirt faster than a yard full of armadillos!

Being a resident of the North West Austin area, I have struggled to have an attractive landscape for years. The soil,the water shortage and deer have pretty much made that impossible. We found Austin Native Landscaping on the internet and after we had our initial meeting, we knew Reed was the right landscaper to help us.
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We live in Dripping Springs with close to two acres of land. Several issues confront property owners in this area who wish to have attractive landscaped yards: deer, drought conditions with only a well for water, and rocks, rocks and more rocks. With a precious water supply, it was clear we needed to xeriscape if we wanted to improve our landscape. We chose Austin Native Landscaping because of their commitment and passion to creating beautiful landscapes while conserving water by using native, drought resistant plants. Read full testimonial…

We have lived in our house for 17 years and became increasingly frustrated with trying to maintain our St. Augustine yard. Reed and his team at Austin Native Landscaping totally transformed our yard – they just completed work yesterday and already several neighbors have complimented us on our beautifully landscaped front yard. From start to finish, Reed was professional and worked with us every step at the way, from the design concept to the finished product.

He was open to modifications as the work progressed and he and his team worked hard on our landscaping every day until it was finished. I cannot recommend Austin Native Landscaping enough and plan to use them again soon on our backyard.

One of the things we loved about the house we purchased four years ago was the shade brought by three large live oaks in the front lawn. We didn’t realize, however, until we first raked it that the leaves on the ground were actually inches thick from years of not raking by the previous occupant, thus killing the lawn under it. So, by our first summer we saw that we had a dust bowl in the front yard, that would not grow grass because of the shade and the water guzzling of the oaks. So after a few years of embarrassment over the state of our lawn, and concern about the amount of water we were dumping on the ground to maintain what little grass we had and trying to get more to grow, I found Austin Native Landscaping.
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After 25 years of looking the other way when came in from the driveway, to avoid the sight of our sad-looking front yard, we decided to look for someone to work with us on a xeriscape solution–both because we thought it was the responsible way to go in Texas and because we knew we would never have the time or impulse to take care of our yard. After talking with several people, we met Reed and knew instantly this was the way to go. Read full testimonial…

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical about hiring someone to Xeriscape my yard at first. I figured it would be much too expensive and I didn’t want myyard to look like the desert, filled with cow skulls and cacti. After the first consultation I had with Reed, all of my skepticism was turned to optimism. The design proposals that these guys provided me were both affordable and filled with colorful blooming native flowers. Read full testimonial…

My favorite spot is sitting at my kitchen table looking out at my new backyard landscape that Reed and his crew at Austin Native Landscaping created. Reed transformed my backyard from a flat eroded surface into a tiered, drought resistant, eye-catching landscape. He uses quality materials and knows which plants are suited to the climate and soil. Reed listened patiently to our concerns, likes and dislikes and never pressured us during any phase of the project and upon completion he and his crew left our property immaculate.

It’s nice to know that quality workmanship still exists.

Reed and his team are wonderful. I had an idea of what I wanted to do in our yard, but wasn’t exactly sure of how to do it or what plants to buy. They made some great suggestions and picked up everything I that I needed. The plants he picked out for our flower beds are very colorful and work well in the areas where they are planted.
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  • Casey (Austin Southie)

    October 16, 2013, 9:43 pm

    We are absolutely in love with our stunning yard. Reed & his team were a joy to work with from conception to completion. I enjoyed collaborating with Reed on the design/plans. Everyone on the team was super cool, knowledgeable and they finished on budget & ahead of schedule. Five Stars for Austin Native!!

  • Betty Saenz

    July 25, 2017, 10:14 am

    Thanks for using native and adapted plants in your designs! This will conserve our precious water as well as add beauty and help our birds and pollinators. I am an EcoBroker or GREEN REALTOR but also a Native Texan, lifelong gardener and Texas Master Naturalist. My clients often ask me for landscaper recommendations and of course I refer companies who treat Mother Earth kindly.


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