Plumbago auriculata, Plumbago, Cape Leadwort


Plumbago auriculata

Common Names: Cape Leadwort

Light: Full Sun/Part Shade

Height: 3′ – 4′

Spacing/Spread: 3′ – 6′

Evergreen: No, plant is deciduous.

Color: Blue.

Interest: Summer Flowering.

Landscape Companions:

Texas Native: No, but particularly well adapted to central Texas and Austin.


Wildlife habitat: Provides food/shelter for bees, butterflies and birds.

Features: A summer flowering medium size perennial. Moderately drought tolerant in part shade.

Austin Native Landscaping: “We try to use Plumbago in part shade situations because the plant is not as drought tolerant in full sun and seems to enjoy the occasional shade. With that in mind, Texas adapted Plumbago is a stellar pick for many landscapes. Its blue flowers will really pop out in the summer and will complement well other similar colored plantings. An excellent bang for your buck perennial that will spread with time up to a six foot diameter space. Plumbago is deciduous so shearing back after first frost is recommended.”



Family: Plumbaginaceae (Pronounced – plum-baj-i-NAY-see-ee)

Genus: Plumbago (Pronounced – plum-BAY-go)

Species: auriculata (Pronounced – aw-rik-yoo-LAY-tuh)

Propagation: Hardwood cuttings, rootball division.



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