Xeriscape Texas Native Plants For Drought Tolerant Landscaping In Austin Texas. Full Sun, Part Sun, Deer Pressure, Xeriscape

Austin Native Landscaping focuses on Design and Installation of Xeriscape flower beds, using only Texas Native and Adapted plants. Native plants are hardy, drought tolerant, and low maintenance. Furthermore, we use only perennials that will provide you and your community with years of spectacular, low-hassle beauty.

Below is a list of our favorite Texas native plants for various Xeriscape landscape design projects. After establishment, all Texas native plants have very low water requirements and only require a thorough watering once a month. Xeriscape plants are even more drought tolerant and require occasional watering during hard droughts in the peak of the summer. Therefore, if you need drought-proof, deer-resistant, or shade-tolerant Texas native plants, there is surely a good fit for you in the lists below. Your Xeriscape designs will benefit from the majority of those drought resistant plants.

We use the plants below heavily in our Xeriscape designs and highly recommend them for Central Texas.

Full Sun:

Part Shade:

Best Austin, TX and Central Texas Xeriscape Plants:

This list includes our most commonly utilized, design oriented, and favorite drought-tolerant Xeriscape plants for Austin, TX and for the Central Texas area. Water-wise Xeriscaping plants will thrive in the Central Texas heat and will require very little, if any, watering after initial establishment. Furthermore, these plants are watershed friendly, often filtering out pollutants. The Austin Xeriscape focused plants in this list are very hardy, drought tolerant and resistant and will need a good watering only during especially hard droughts. We strive to design and use as many Central Texas and Austin, TX Xeriscaping plants as we can in our Xeriscape designs and landscaping projects in Austin. When landscapers think about Xeriscape design they assume that their only choice will be the regular Central Texas drought tolerant Xeriscaping favorite plants: yuccas, agaves, and cacti. Those are very common in Austin, TX Xeriscapes and for a good reason. However, there are many more water-wise Xeriscaping plants that you could design in your Xeriscape landscape for a different height, form, color and variation.

Deer Pressure:

The following deer-resistant plants are recommended after much observation, literature, and experience. Please note that deer will eat almost every plant when very hungry, especially during drought conditions where other vegetation is non-existent.

This is an ongoing list and we hope that in time we will host a comprehensive plant database for the best plants for Central Texas drought tolerant and resistant Xeriscape landscape design, including pictures, Xeriscaping Pictures, landscape companions, propagation techniques, and local gardener comments.