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Deer Resistance: Deer Resistant

Cherry Sage

Autumn Sage is one of the best Texas native perennials one can choose in full sun.

Mexican Mint Marigold

Mexican Marigold Mint is a great choice for heavy deer pressure landscape designs

Golden Showers Thryallis

Golden Showers will shower you with golden flowers for a very long period, starting at spring and continuing up until frost.


Agarita is a tough sell; It’s thorny and scraggly. But its many positive characteristics are well worth considering.

Texas Mountain Laurel

If there is one Texas native, small growing, flowering tree you can’t go wrong with, it’s of course a Texas Mountain Laurel.

Red Yucca

Red yuccas are a common sight here in Austin and for a good reason: they are relatively deer resistant.

Confederate Jasmine

You can see this attractive vine in more and more landscapes in Austin.

Bamboo Muhly

Bambo Muhly is a magnificent choice for many locations.

Pride of Barbados

Pride of Barbados could quite easily become the pride of your landscape!

Mexican Oregano

Mexican Oregano: A true jack of all trades.

Artemisia “Powis Castle”

This little tank of a plant should be on everyone’s Xeriscape design!

Black-eyed Susan

We love using Black-eyed Susan for its versatility.

Mexican Bush Sage

There is a reason why this waterwise perennial is becoming increasingly common in Austin neighborhoods.