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Category: Modern Landscaping

Modern landscaping projects.

Lu Residence

Originally installed by the house builder, Mr Lu’s landscaping was in need of a refresh.

Hebert Residence

The Heberts were looking for a way to conceal the large exposed foundation on the front of their home as well as eliminate the large change in elevation from their driveway to their front door.

Searcy Residence

The Searcy family wanted a nice modern backyard, with a new sleek deck to cover a bumpy problem area under their beautiful large oaks.

Wells Residence

The Wells wanted a clean and bold modern landscaping in the front yard and a more relaxed hill country look in the back.

Canepa Residence

The Canepas contacted us for an efficient, clean modern landscape design for their busy corner lot house.

Shilling Residence

Mr Shilling wanted to transform his backyard from exposed soil without any features or interest to a very low maintenance landscape that will accommodate his pets and also provide some privacy from the busy street.