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Sun Preference: Full Sun

Desert Willow

Along with Texas Redbud, Retama and Texas Mountain Laurel, Desert Willow is another solid pick when looking for a drought tolerant small statured flowering tree.

Jerusalem Sage

Holly Cow! This amazing Texas adapted perennial should be the first choice in many full sun Xeriscape designs in Austin.

Cherry Sage

Autumn Sage is one of the best Texas native perennials one can choose in full sun.


We try to use Plumbago in part shade situations because the plant is not as drought tolerant in full sun and seems to enjoy the occasional shade.

Mexican Mint Marigold

Mexican Marigold Mint is a great choice for heavy deer pressure landscape designs

Lions Tail

Finally here is your chance fulfilling your childhood desire to become a lion tamer star.

Trailing Lantana

Trailing lantana is an outstanding pick for any drought resistant flower bed design.

Firecracker Fern

An evergreen fernlike, flowering, drought tolerant perennial that is adapted to our fiery summers? Yes please, I’ll take two!

Golden Showers Thryallis

Golden Showers will shower you with golden flowers for a very long period, starting at spring and continuing up until frost.

Turk’s Cap

The Turks are invading and they are wielding adorable red caps!


Agarita is a tough sell; It’s thorny and scraggly. But its many positive characteristics are well worth considering.


Retama is extremely drought tolerant, and will survive on as little as 12 inches of rain annually.

Texas Mountain Laurel

If there is one Texas native, small growing, flowering tree you can’t go wrong with, it’s of course a Texas Mountain Laurel.

Red Yucca

Red yuccas are a common sight here in Austin and for a good reason: they are relatively deer resistant.

Trailing Rosemary

Trailing rosemary is a great choice when you are looking for a solid, not too tall, evergreen for full sun.