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Sun Preference: Part Shade


Pomegranates are one of our favorite trees!

American Beautyberry

American Beautyberry is an excellent section for shady spots in your landscape.

Confederate Jasmine

You can see this attractive vine in more and more landscapes in Austin.

Bamboo Muhly

Bambo Muhly is a magnificent choice for many locations.

Pink Texas Skullcap

One of the greatest low layer plants you can use!

Eastern Purple Coneflower

Echinacea is one of our personal favorites!

Mexican Oregano

Mexican Oregano: A true jack of all trades.

Fall Aster

A vigorous, properly placed Fall Aster is a real show stopper.


If there is an essential Xeriscape Landscape ground cover Calylophus is it.

Flame Acanthus

A most useful shrub! This Texas native perennial is not only very deer resistant but is also an exceptional wildlife habitat provider.

Black-eyed Susan

We love using Black-eyed Susan for its versatility.

Texas Redbud

You really cant go wrong with this small and beautiful Texas native tree.


There are a few Texas adapted evergreens that not only have a long period of profuse flowering but are also well adapted to both sun and part shade.