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Customer Testimonial from Beardsley Household

One of the things we loved about the house we purchased four years ago was the shade brought by three large live oaks in the front lawn. We didn’t realize, however, until we first raked it that the leaves on the ground were actually inches thick from years of not raking by the previous occupant, thus killing the lawn under it. So, by our first summer we saw that we had a dust bowl in the front yard, that would not grow grass because of the shade and the water guzzling of the oaks. So after a few years of embarrassment over the state of our lawn, and concern about the amount of water we were dumping on the ground to maintain what little grass we had and trying to get more to grow, I found Austin Native Landscaping.

We are thrilled with the work Austin Native Landscaping did for us. Our kitchen window looks out over the front yard, and where there was a dirt patch, weeds, and struggling St. Augustine, we now see a lovely little curvy path with red granite beds on either side, dotted with little shade loving plants and boulders, that leads up to a seating area and front door. Reed is also a proponent of edible and ornamental plants and put in a couple of fruit trees in the sunny side of our yard that my kids are very excited about.

We recommend Austin Native Landscapes to everyone. They created a beautiful plan for us, and installed it in in a timely manner with quality craftsmanship and clear instructions for ongoing maintenance. My neighbors have told me they are watching how the yard does over the next year and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more xeriscaping in my neighborhood. I look forward to watching it grow.

Posted by Reed