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Customer Testimonial from Janis and Evan

After 25 years of looking the other way when came in from the driveway, to avoid the sight of our sad-looking front yard, we decided to look for someone to work with us on a xeriscape solution–both because we thought it was the responsible way to go in Texas and because we knew we would never have the time or impulse to take care of our yard. After talking with several people, we met Reed and knew instantly this was the way to go.
His deep knowledge and genuine passion about the plants and this process was infectious and inspiring. We couldn’t be happier with the results. He encouraged our input at every stage of the process and really listened to everything we said.

My neighbor walked by today and said “this is stunning” and I knew he wasn’t just trying to make me feel good. Reed and Andrew have an exceptional work ethic and sense of personal responsibility. And they are just great guys to have around. You won’t be sorry.

Posted by Reed