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Category: Landscaping

Wildlife-Conscious Landscaping

Too many hungry deer? Haven’t Seen a Monarch or a firefly this season? No instructive birds and bees outside? We can help.

Edible Permaculture Designs and Raised Veggie Beds

Fresh salsa, Homemade Peach cobbler, Blackberry pie. They all start with Texas native fruits and veggies. Yard to Table.

Artificial sod

Artificial Sod

No water, no fertilizer, no Mowing, no problem. Install it and forget it.

Drip irrigation

Drip Irrigation

Keep your plants healthy and your leisure time leisurely, Our automated irrigation systems take the guess work out of plant care.

Hill country natives

Hill Country Natives Design

Keep Austin Homey! Our traditional Central Texas style with a heavy focus on low maintenance Native planting and comfort.

Modern xeriscaping

Modern Xeriscape Design

Sleek, Chic, and Stylish, with lots of clean lines. Get the most out of your new home with a landscape to match.