The city of Georgetown, TX has water use restrictions. These restrictions are relaxed and tightened as required, depending on the drought situation. Irrigation takes the biggest hit when it comes to these restrictions. We have Texas native plants and other drought-resistant plants that are not too demanding on water, but more and more people are going for Georgetown artificial turf installation.


  • At Austin Native Landscaping LLC, our artificial turf installation in Georgetown TX helps you avoid the headache of watering your lawn. You also avoid having to weed, aerate, fertilize, and mow your lawn.
  • You will save money on water bills. You also save money since you don’t have to buy lawn care equipment like lawnmowers, and you don’t have to buy lawn inputs like fertilizers.
  • You will be doing your part in conserving the environment.
  • Our artificial turf installation in Georgetown TX adds to your home’s curb appeal since they are green all year round. It takes a lot to avoid discoloration with the water situation in the city with natural lawns.
  • You can use artificial turf in areas that are not ideal for natural grass, such as on your balconies and patios, in indoor spaces like home offices, and on your pool deck.
  • Safe play area for kids and pets: Artificial turf provides cushioning when kids are playing. The turf cannot be damaged by your pets, unlike natural grass. You also avoid grass pollen allergies and those nasty grass stains.


  • We do not outsource the work of Georgetown artificial turf installation. We have an in-house team of landscapers, landscape designers, and craftsmen.
  • We are a licensed irrigator with 10+ years of experience.
  • Our initial consultation, design, and bid are free.
  • We have competitive rates, doing projects for as little as 10,000 dollars. Our average job goes for between 30,000 and 40,000 dollars.


Even as we promise quick turnaround in Georgetown artificial turf installation, we do not compromise on quality workmanship and materials. We will give you tips on how to maintain your turf once we are done. Call us today at 512-705-5397 to talk to one of our representatives.