Landscape Designer vs Landscape Architect: Which Do You Need For Your Project?

Many homeowners considering a landscape design project are unsure if they need a landscape architect or landscape designer. The main difference between a landscape designer and a landscape architect is cost and credentials. Landscape designers are experienced creatives and builders. Landscape architects have advanced degrees needed to work on large public projects that require special licenses.

What Can a Landscape Designer Do?

An experienced landscape designer will work with a homeowner to understand their ideas, analyze their property’s form, soil, and shape, and then design and build an outdoor space that reflects their personal style. The designer will guide clients through their vision for their garden or landscaping project, letting them know what is practical to install and how to achieve the desired effect.

A landscape architect usually doesn’t provide artistic direction for landscape design. Their expertise is more focused on the project’s architectural elements than plant and aesthetic choices.

Because the landscape designers are not required to have specific credentials, you will want to ensure they have extensive experience and the skills needed for your project. You can read more about Austin Native’s experience, expertise, and landscape design process here.

When is a Landscape Architect Required?

If your goals go beyond your backyard or the work will involve significant earthmoving and structural work, a landscape architect might be required. A good landscape designer will help you know when to involve an architect and how to choose the right architect for your project. 

Landscape architects design city parks, corporate spaces, college campuses, and reclamation areas. That type of work requires extra licensing and procedural processes.

Landscape Architect vs. Landscape Designer Costs

Landscape architects are usually hired by large private, public, and academic institutions, and they tend to be quite expensive. On the other hand, landscape designers are better equipped to help homeowners, and their price point is more in line with other home improvement projects. Click here to see how much a typical landscape design project will cost

Do You Need a Landscape Designer or Landscape Architect?

Landscape designers and landscape architects are equally important members of the landscaping industry. Both are coordinators at different levels. If you are planning a complex structural project, a landscape architect might be required. If you want a creatively designed outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy, a landscape design is the best choice. 

If you would like to see what a skilled landscape designer can do with your space, click here to schedule a free consultation with Austin Native Landscaping.