What Should I Expect from a Landscape Designer?

Creating landscape design all by yourself can be overwhelming, so most homeowners turn to a landscape designer. You can turn your landscape dreams into reality by partnering with an expert designer while avoiding beginner mistakes.

If this is your first time working with a design expert, you may not know what to expect from the landscape design process. Even if you aren’t taking on the project by yourself, basic knowledge in the field can help determine the level of quality you’ll be getting from the expert. This article will discuss everything to look out for when hiring landscape designers.

What Does a Landscape Designer Do?

Landscape designers or architects create the aesthetic layouts of the lawns and gardens around buildings. These professionals are responsible for creating natural environments that appeal to outdoor visitors. Professional landscape designers are capable of turning your home into a piece of art. Our design professionals will work with you to bring the ideas for your landscaping to life.

At Austin Native Landscaping, we serve homeowners, providing landscape services that will transform the area outside your home into a space you can be proud of.

Our mission is to provide the best of Austin Texas landscape design and delivery.

Landscape Designer Hiring Process

Here are a few things you can expect from a designer as they approach the project.

Consultation and Site Analysis

The hiring process for a professional landscape designer should include a site visit. The design expert will meet you at the location to analyze the site. The visit will allow the professional to assess the property and discuss your ideas. Perhaps you’re looking to create a beautiful walkway or a low-maintenance garden. The landscape professional also knows the questions to ask to help achieve your vision without exceeding your budget. Analyzing the structure and discussing your plans kickstarts the entire project.

Before bringing in the expert, you can take some time to visualize your personal style. Consider what you want your building to look like, the kind of plants or patios you want, and the budget.

Design and Illustration

Your landscaping professional will provide drawings based on your visualization and discussion with the landscape professional. These drawings will help you visualize the property’s appearance once the job is complete.

Sometimes, you may have several options for selecting trees, shrubs, flowers, lighting, and more. Your landscape designer can recommend climate-appropriate solutions to get the most out of your zone’s temperatures and rainfall.

The designer’s illustration would include the placement of amenities such as the swimming pool, patio, etc. The drawing will also indicate the positioning of other necessities, including building utilities, driveway, and walkway. Note that everything is flexible at this point, so you may make some tweaks to ensure that it resonates with your style.

Build Phase

Once you have made the changes you want, the landscape designer will return with detailed plans for the construction. This final design will feature a layout of hardscapes, beds, and even the types of plants. You may still be able to make small changes as the project progresses but avoid altering the significant components of the design once you have approved it.

The specifications provided by the designer are what you’ll provide to the contractors in charge of the project. Typically, professional landscape designers will suggest an installation crew to carry out the project effectively.

When working with Austin Native, our employees handle your project from design to installation. This ensures that the entire process will meet your standards, and you can rest assured that you will get the results you are looking for.

A Plan for Maintenance

Maintenance is often overlooked by property owners when creating a landscape plan. Proper management is essential to the longevity of the project. An excellent landscape design plan should cover everything from installation to maintenance.

The landscape expert will provide management explanations to ensure that you can maintain your new landscaping correctly. The designer may even create a written plan for your landscaping maintenance group. This guide will contain essential details such as plant care tips and erosion prevention techniques.

Ready to Get Started?

We recommend hiring a landscaping design company that specializes in local and native landscaping. We would love to show you how professional Austin Texas landscape design and delivery can help you realize your landscaping vision.