At Austin Native Landscaping LLC, we have been doing Leander artificial turf installation for over 10 years. Our longevity in the business is mostly due to our proven process that is designed to turn your vision into reality.

Once you approach us, you will fill out a form where you will share your vision, ideas, and budget. We will then visit you for an on-site visit to gain a better understanding of your dream. Our in-house design team will come up with a customized design that we give free of charge alongside the bid. Our skilled landscapers and craftsmen will then work on the artificial turf of your dreams.


  • Environmental benefits: With our Leander artificial turf installation, you need not worry about watering your lawn or using chemical weed control and fertilizers, which helps you conserve the environment. Our artificial turfs are durable as they are weather-resistant. They are also recyclable.
  • Enjoy your time outdoors: Say no to grass pollen allergies with our artificial turf. Our turfs are great for kids and pets. There will be no more grass-stains, mud, or puddles, allowing you to better enjoy your time outdoors.
  • Easy maintenance: Our artificial turf is easy to maintain since there is no seeding, weeding, watering, or mowing. You will also save money on water, fertilizers, and other lawn inputs, as well as on garden equipment.
  • Year-round green lawn: With our artificial turf installation in Leander TX, your lawn will be green all year round since it will not be affected by environmental conditions. There will be no discoloration or patchiness.


Other than artificial turf installation in Leander TX, we also offer a variety of other landscaping services. This ensures you do not have to hire different teams to get the lawn of your dreams. These services include:

  • Landscaping and landscape design
  • Hardscaping
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Xeriscape


We only work on one Leander artificial turf installation project at a time. This allows us to give 100% attention to your project. We typically complete our projects within 14 days. Call us at 512-705-5397 and talk to one of our landscaping experts.