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Jeeves Residence

The Jeeves family contacted us to completely redo both their front and back yards.

As avid hobby gardeners, they wanted to build twp good-sized vegetable beds, make the backyard a more pleasant space, while also increasing the usable patio space, reducing the landscape maintenance needs on the side houses, and creating a low maintenance curb appeal in the front. They also wanted an attractive outdoor lighting package to enjoy their new landscaping in the evenings.

Privacy was a big goal of the project, so we used Clumping Bamboo for fast-growing non-invasive evergreen privacy.

In the back we build a modern dry laid 2’ by 4’ Stone Slabs on a Tejas Black gravel patio extension, built two 4’ by 8’ veggie beds. We installed River Rocks with square pavers on the side for ease of walking and very low ongoing maintenance.

Plants that were used in this design install:

Texas Redbud (15 Gallons)
Texas Mountain Laurel (15 Gallons)
Texas Dwarf Palmetto (15 Gallons)
Alphonse Karr Bamboo (3 Gallons)
Texas Sage
Esperanza (3 Gallons)
Mexican Bush Sage
Red Yucca
Bamboo Muhly
Mexican Feathergrass
Confederate Jasmine (3 Gallons)
Pride Of Barbados (3 Gallons)
Cherry Sage
Canna Lilly



Our Design

An overview of our plan for this project.

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