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O’Hara Residence

Mr O’Hara asked us to give his front yard a major update.

It was becoming increasingly dense, overgrown and the combination of the low hanging tree canopies and the overgrown plants made seeing the house from the street a challenge. He also had a slope in his front yard he wanted to address without building a retaining wall.

We raised up the tree canopies, completely redid the front landscaping plants. We used heavy shade tolerant plants under the trees, and picked more colorful and interesting plants in the front where we had more sunlight to work with. We used larger rocks in the very front that were able to handle that amount of slope.

Plants that were used in this design install:
Inland Sea Oats
Dwarf Yaupon Holly (3 Gallons)
Purple Heart
Variegated Ginger (3 Gallons)
Pride Of Barbados (3 Gallons)
Jerusalem Sage
Prickly Pear
Silver Ponyfoot
Texas Lantana
Trailing Lantana
Turk’s Cap
Cherry Sage



Our Design

An overview of our plan for this project.

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