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Category: Masonry Materials

Concrete Pavers

Inexpensive, reliable, sturdy, capable of looking modern or rustic in all settings.

Acid Staining/Etching

Beautiful results, unique natural patterns.


Sleek, shiny, and modern or rough, pitted and industrial, the versatility of this material is surpassed only by its longevity

Brick and Block

Good design is simple, utilitarian, inexpensive and strong.


Turn our team of artists and designers loose and help Keep Austin Weird!

A606 Steel Corten

Highly recommended for any customer who values industrial quality and modern design.

Pavestone Paving Blocks

Pavestone products are a great choice for any paving project

Texas Limestone

The perfect choice for any budget minded home owner in need of a Patio or retaining wall.

Oklahoma Sandstone

Oklahoma sandstone is one of our favorite materials to work with.