Agave americana

Century Plant

We consider the Century Plant as the king of agaves in Austin. It is very impressive when big, with its bold structure, and beautiful form. On the rare occasion when it finally blooms, it is a complete show stopper; The stalk bolts to the sky and the showy flowers grace the neighborhood. We love designing this Texas native in our xeriscape flowerbeds. It works beautiful as a single large specimen and also when planted amass with other agaves. Tough and particularity indestructible this native beauty should be in anyone drought tolerant xeriscape landscape. Works particularly well when planted with ornamental grasses nearby.

Century Plant Details

  • Common Names: Blue Agave, American Aloe, Maguey
  • Preferred Light Conditions: Full Sun/Part Shade
  • Height: 5′ – 7′
  • Spacing/Spread: 6′ – 11′
  • Evergreen: Yes.
  • Color: Rarely blooms.
  • Interest: Year round evergreen foliage.
  • Texas Native: Yes, plant is Texas native.
  • Wildlife habitat: Provides food/shelter for bees, butterflies and birds.

Plant Features

Some notable properties of this plant species…

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