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American Beautyberry

American Beautyberry is an excellent section for shady spots in your landscape.

American Beautyberry

Callicarpa americana

Common Names:

Light: Part Shade/Full Shade

Height: 3′ – 6′

Spacing/Spread: 5′ – 7′

Evergreen: No, plant is deciduous.

Color: Purple fruit.

Interest: Fall.

Landscape Companions:

Texas Native: Yes, plant is Texas native.


Wildlife habitat: Provides food/shelter for bees, butterflies and birds.

Features: Medium growing Texas native shrub. Part shade/full shade tolerant. Purple berries during the fall.

Austin Native Landscaping: “American Beautyberry is an excellent section for shady spots in your landscape. It will thrive even in a dense shade and will provide you clusters upon clusters of handsome berries during the fall. We love deigning this native beauty as an understory planting where it will add much needed color. American Beautyberry is also a great wildlife habitat and food provider. Birds just love feasting on all those attractive berries!”



Family: Verbenaceae (Pronounced – ver-be-NAY-see-ee)

Genus: Callicarpa (Pronounced – kal-ee-KAR-puh)

Species: Americana (Pronounced – a-mer-ih-KAY-na)

Propagation: Seeds, semi hard wood cuttings.



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Posted by Reed

  1. Thank you for posting this. We have lots of them growing beside our backroads. I cut some to put in an arrangement with pine trimmings and cinnamon sticks.

    1. Thanks for reading!
      There are not many good options for a full shade situation but American Beautyberry is definitely one as it really thrives in those conditions.
      Never thought about using them in an arrangement, pretty neat idea!

      Thanks and keep on gardening,

  2. I’m curious if the deer in the hill country area will leave it alone…I have many deer in my yard daily and am wondering if it is a plant they will ignore??