Free Plants For Kids!

It was while providing an estimate to a potential client in Circle C that they told us they found us on a flyer.

Flyer, we asked? What flyer?

The thought of tiny little hand, plantning Texas native plants, recommended by us, made us smile. Even our burly, sweaty, belly scratching workers thought it was adorable. So, honored and flattered, we decided to give away a total of twenty free 1 gallon plants for the first twenty responders on this page.

We will give you four different options, so choose wisely. The options are:


Texas Lantana (beutiful blooms, full sun loving)


Mexican Bush Sage (Spreading wide and tall, traffic stopping purple blooms, full sun)


Silver Pony-foot (Awesome ground cover, short and silvery ground hugging plant, full sun/part shade)


Mexican Feathergrass (Charming ornamental grass, full sun/part shade)


When replying type your first two picks, your name and last name. In about a week from now, we will drop the plants at the school with a name assigned to each plant.


Be fair, submit only one name per household and only if you are affiliated somehow with St. Catherine of Siena.


Good luck and happy gardening!


2 thoughts on “Free Plants For Kids!

  1. Mireya Loewe says:

    Thanks Reed!

    I’ll take the Mexican Bush Sage as first choice, or the Silver Pony Foot.

    Looking forward to your design.


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