Resources, Books And Blogs!

Howdy there!

We started a new resources page, and will slowly fill it up with even more Xeriscape and drought resistant landscape design goodies. We are planning to have interviews with key figures in the movement, designers, key Texas native plants nursery owners and other notable folks.


We also started to compile an ambitious and all encompassing list of ALL Texas gardening and drought tolerant landscaping blogs online. We have 99 blogs so far. Help us expand it!


The Books section was also added under the resources tab. There are some really neat and relevant gems waiting for you to embrace them. For every book that you may purchase through this website we might get a quarter or two. This means that if everything goes according to plan we could literally make dozens, that’s DOZENS, of dollars a year! In a decade we could afford a bus ticket to South Padre.


Thanks and hoping y’all having a wonderful week so far!